Soooo... I just got Tomodachi Life, and I decided to make birb miis. Ryouta, Nageki, Sakuya, Yuuya, Anghel, Kazuaki, Shuu, and Hitori now all reside in my apartment, and I feel like things are simultaneously a bit too accurate and very inaccurate.


  • Ryouta immediately became best friends with me, the only girl
  • The first thing Yuuya wanted to do when Sakuya moved in was become friends with him
  • Yuuya and Ryouta were arguing (like in that scene in The Day The Night Slept (After))
  • Yuuya loves being on his laptop (no doubt learning how to become a "master of unauthorized access")
  • UPDATE: Yuuya and Shuu don't get along, but Sakuya and Shuu seem to... sort of.


  • Anghel (for some reason) wanted to make friends with Shuu, of all people!
  • UPDATE: Shuu's best friend is Kazuaki

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