Takaba Lab
The lunch room at the research facility.
Type Facility
Location Japan
Inhabitants Research scientists
"The Hawks Creates The Future"
—Motto of Takaba Lab[src]

Takaba Lab is a mysterious research facility directly under the control of the Earth Crawler wing of the Hawk Party. It is here where Ryuuji Kawara, Souma Isa, and Tohri Nishikikouji once worked. It is assumed they were developing biological weapons, as Ryuuji mentioned being able to make a breakthrough in cancer cell immortality.


In Focus on the Hawks, Takaba Lab is called the "Takabane Coordinated Research Institute". However on the lanyards given to people who donated to the Hatoful Boyfriend Official Plush Project, it is referred to as Takaba Lab. Hato Moa later confirmed on her Tumblr account that she was not involved in the proofreading of Focus on the Hawks and that the lanyards are correct[1].


Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Bad Boys Love and Focus on the Hawks follow.

Prior to working at the Medical Center at St. Pigeonation's Institute, Souma worked alongside Ryuuji at the research facility. During this time, Ryuuji boasted to Souma about how he had a son, to which Souma admits that he himself would make a terrible father.

Ryuuji eventually died from an illness that was endemic to the island on which he did field research. As his last wish, he asked Isa to grant his son anything he wanted.

Spoilers end here.

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