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The soundtracks of Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star are somewhat unusual in that they are comprised of only royalty-free music and sound effects. Hato Moa, the creator of the Hatoful Boyfriend franchise, used a mixture of English and Japanese websites that offered royalty-free content.

These audio files are available either as part of the Hatoful Boyfriend Summer of Dove Collector's Edition and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star – Dove Actually Edition or on the web sites of the composers.

Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White WingsEdit


Title Artist Year Time In-Game Debut Download Link
Where the Spring Wind Blows (春の吹く場所で) TAM 2002 01:38 Start menu TAM Music Factory
Spring SAM  ???? 02:33 Daily life 04/08 Website defunct since 2011
Simply Blue SENTIVE 2007 01:22 Daily life (HD) 04/08 SLOS V6.9
Sonatina Kevin MacLeod 2007 01:18 Sakuya's theme, 04/08 Incompetech
Sea of Silence (静寂の海) SENTIVE 2003 00:38 Nageki's theme, 04/08 SLOS V2.9
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky arr. Kevin MacLeod 2009 02:00 Shuu's theme, 04/08 Incompetech
Barroom Ballet Kevin MacLeod 2007 00:56 Okosan's theme, 04/08 Incompetech
Sincere SAM  ???? 01:35 Sports festival 05/21 Website defunct since 2011
1-Year Anniversary (1周年) TAM 2006 01:30 Sports festival (HD) 05/21 TAM Music Factory
Moondrops (月の雫) TAM 2005 01:36 Tanabata festival 07/07 TAM Music Factory
By Your Hand (散り逝くなら、いっそ残酷に ~By your hand) SENTIVE 2005 02:00 Meeting Azami, 07/22 SLOS V4.6
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem Lewis Redner arr. Kevin MacLeod 2000 01:47 Torimi Café 07/24 Incompetech
Festival Music (祭囃子) SENTIVE 2002 00:35 Summer festival 08/06 SLOS V1.2
Silent Night Franz Xaver Gruber arr. Kevin MacLeod 2000 02:11 Ryouta's route, 12/24 Incompetech
Recollection (追憶) TAM 2010 01:05 Ryouta's route, 02/10 TAM Music Factory
Waltz - (Tschikovsky Op.40) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky arr. Kevin MacLeod 2005 05:40 Sakuya's route, 10/19 Incompetech
Jingle Bells James Lord Pierpont arr. Kevin MacLeod 2007 01:42 Sakuya's route, 12/24 Incompetech
Around the Miniature Garden (巡る箱庭) 秋野ると 2004 02:14 Nageki's route, 02/10 Timeless Berry (時の迷い人)
JILT SENTIVE 2002 02:51 Yuuya's and Shuu's routes, 07/13 SLOS V1.2
MEMO (アゲハ"MEMO") SENTIVE 2005 01:44 Yuuya's route, 08/06 SLOS V4.6
Dispersion Relation Kevin MacLeod 2007 04:04 Yuuya's route, 11/10 Incompetech
Tiny Fugue Kevin MacLeod 2008 00:41 Okosan's full route, epilogue Incompetech
Daybreak Kevin MacLeod 2005 03:21 Kazuaki's route, 02/10 Incompetech
Classic Horror 3 Kevin MacLeod 2008 02:05 Shuu's route, epilogue Incompetech
Omen of Collapse (崩壊の前兆) SENTIVE 2002 01:28 Anghel's route, 07/13 SLOS V1.2
Vermilion Carousel (朱色の回転木馬) SENTIVE 2007 03:22 Anghel's route, 02/10 V6.9
COOL! TAM 2002 01:17 Azami and Rabu's route, 08/24 SLOS V4.6
Flower Dream (花夢) TAM 2010 01:01 Credits TAM Music Factory
Madoka (円-Madoka-) Purgatory Boy (煉獄小僧)  ???? 01:24 BBL Bird History, 09/03 Purgatory Garden (煉獄庭園)
Invalid No. 12 (12号廃人-12go Haito-) Purgatory Boy (煉獄小僧)  ???? 01:22 BBL 1st Class, 09/03 Purgatory Garden (煉獄庭園)
Ray #001 SENTIVE 2002 01:47 BBL 1st Class, 09/03 SLOS V1.2
DEATH TONE Purgatory Boy (煉獄小僧)  ???? 03:31 BBL 5th Class, 09/03 Purgatory Garden (煉獄庭園)
Guided to the Words of Heaven to Wander (彷徨いの言葉は天に導かれ) Purgatory Boy (煉獄小僧)  ???? 03:31 BBL 7th Class, 09/03 Purgatory Garden (煉獄庭園)
Disruption SENTIVE 2002 01:54 BBL 7th Class, 09/03 SLOS V1.2
Sovereign Quarter Kevin MacLeod 2008 04:51 BBL 8th Class, 09/03 Incompetech
Gone By Daily (過ぎ去りし日々) TAM 2002 01:20 BBL Credits TAM Music Factory

Sound EffectsEdit

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday StarEdit


Title Artist Year Time In-Game Debut Download Link
The Next Spring (次の春には) TAM 2011 03:08 Start menu TAM Music Factory
Even When the Cherry Trees are in Leaf (葉桜になっても) TAM 2006 01:58 Episode 1, 12/21 TAM Music Factory
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Johann Sebastian Bach arr. Kevin MacLeod 2005 03:13 Episode 1, 12/21 Incompetech
Clenched Teeth Kevin MacLeod 2010 01:31 Episode 1, 12/22 Incompetech
Tri-Star MusMus ---- 03:00 Episode 1, 12/22 MusMus
The Opened Gate (開かれた門) SENTIVE 2005 01:37 Episode 2, 12/31 SLOS V4.6
Pink Cherry (桃色チェリー) SENTIVE 2011 00:41 Episode 2, 12/31 SLOS V7.2
Darkest Child Kevin MacLeod 2011 03:59 Episode 2, 12/31 Incompetech
Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod 2010 2:17 Episode 2, flashback Incompetech
Last Whisper SENTIVE 2011 04:14 Episode 2, Operation Pretty Coore SLOS V7.3
Morning Star (Red Star) (明星(あかぼし)) TAM 2010 01:08 Episode 3 TAM Music Factory
Court of the Queen Kevin MacLeod 2010 03:20 Episode 3, the King's theme Incompetech
The Other Side of the Door Kevin MacLeod 2010 02:48 Episode 3 Incompetech
Cumulonimbus (静寂の海) SENTIVE 2003 02:10 Episode 3, Ryuuji's theme SLOS V2.9
Silver Corridor (銀色の回廊) 秋野ると 2007 02:12 Episode 4 Timeless Berry (時の迷い人)
Healing Music 03 (ヒーリング音楽03) Maou Damashii ---- 02:12 Episode 4 Maou Damashii (魔王魂)
Right Behind You Kevin MacLeod 2010 04:22 Episode 4 Incompetech
Music Box of the Moon (月のオルゴール) 秋野ると 2011 02:48 Episode 4 Timeless Berry (時の迷い人)
Orchestra 04 (ヒーリング音楽03) Maou Damashii ---- 03:09 Episode 4 Maou Damashii (魔王魂)
Circus Waltz FX Kevin MacLeod 2006 00:41 Radio Incompetech
Impromptu in Blue Kevin MacLeod 2008 02:08 Albert's Secret Incompetech
Pigeons who Search for Beans (次の春には) TAM 2012 01:42 Preliminary Inspection TAM Music Factory
Pigeons who Search for Beans - Evening Edition (豆さがすハトたち~夕方編~) TAM 2012 01:30 Preliminary Inspection TAM Music Factory

Sound EffectsEdit

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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