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July is the seventh month of the year. It's one of the months of the year with thirty-one days. The first term of the St. Pigeonation's school year ends in July.

In-Universe EventsEdit

Date Year Universe Events
4 July 2075 All Birdkind declares independence in the Philippines.
7 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Tanabata. Hiyoko Tosaka goes to the bamboo tree in the plaza, sees the wishes of her friends, and makes a wish herself. Kazuaki Nanaki offers to walk her home.
11 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko has her fourth elective day, and chooses to attend either math class, gym class, or music class.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Yuuya's route) The second-years have swimming class with the third-years. Yuuya Sakazaki and Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane have a race in the pool, which Yuuya wins regardless of whom Hiyoko predicts will win.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Anghel's route) Hiyoko and Ryouta Kawara meet Anghel Higure on their way to the cafeteria.
12 July 2188 All Okosan is born to his mother and father.
13 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Ryouta's route) Ryouta visits the infirmary during class and comes back feeling worse than when he went. Hiyoko wants to give Shuu Iwamine a piece of her mind despite having no definite evidence.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Yuuya's and Shuu's routes) Shuu accuses Yuuya of searching his desk while he was out. Yuuya lies about having been with Hiyoko and asks Hiyoko to back up his story.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Anghel's route) Anghel bursts into Class 2-3 unannounced. Hiyoko introduces Sakuya to him, and Sakuya makes a racist comment about the Philippines. Anghel asks if Hiyoko if she remembers who he is, and then flies away.
15 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko receives her final exam back from Kazuaki.
20 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (student council) Last day of the first semester. Hiyoko goes to clean the student council room. She quickly realizes that Sakuya intended to give her orders, but not help with the cleaning himself. She wonders if she should stand up to him.
Hatoful Boyfriend (track team) Last day of the first semester. Hiyoko goes to the clubroom to clean and check the summer schedule. She finds Okosan eating beans off the floor and wonders if she should join in or scold him.
Hatoful Boyfriend (library staff) Last day of the first semester. Hiyoko goes to library sign out assigned books for students. She talks to Nageki Fujishiro, who asks her to recommend a book for him. She wonders if she should recommend OreHato[1] or Night on the Galactic Railroad.
Hatoful Boyfriend (infirmary crew) Last day of the first semester. Hiyoko goes to the infirmary to ask Shuu if she should come into school to clean over summer break. She wonders if she should ask the doctor about the missing students. Eventually she gets kicked out.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Anghel's route) Last day of the first semester. Anghel tells Hiyoko that he plans to break into the infirmary, but Hiyoko warns him that it was not yet the time. Anghel decides to heed her advice and he leaves.
22 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko goes running and meets Azami Koshiba, who offers her a ride home.
24 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko wonders if she should apply for a part-time job at Torimi Cafe, since she has the chance.
25 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Azami's and Ryouta's route) Hiyoko goes for her first day of work and finds out that Ryouta was applying for the job as well. She wonders if she should give the job to him.
29 July 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Azami's route) Hiyoko is ambushed by a gang of punkgeons, but Azami knocks them out with her Sparrow Kick. Together the two of them manage to KO every punkgeon, and Hiyoko invites Azami to visit Torimi Cafe.

Out-of-Universe EventsEdit

Date Year Events
21 July 2015 The remake of Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings was released in English for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
31 July 2011 The demo version of Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings is released in Japanese for download.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. OreHato, short for My Little Nicobar Can't Be This Cute, is a parody of Oreimo (俺妹), short for My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute (Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai).

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