Bad ending: It's a sad thing...

Ryouta's ending: While it lasts

Sakuya's ending: Into the Night

Sakuya's ending (full): Song of the Foolish Birds

Nageki's ending: Dream's End

Yuuya's ending: Yuuya Only Lives Twice

Okosan's ending: Until next time!

Okosan's ending (full): A Pudding Odyssey

Kazuaki's ending: What May Come

Shuu's ending: Such Beautiful Eyes You Have

Shuu's ending (full): The Happy Couple

Anghel's ending: To the End of Emptiness

Torimi Cafe ending: Carve it into your soul, kid! LOVE BLASTER!

Azami's ending: To be the True Java Sparrow

Bad Boys Love: I'll be waiting...

Bad Boys Love (full): the Dawn