"Simple I-V-V-I staccato piano duet."
—Description of "Barroom Ballet"

Barroom Ballet is Okosan's theme song in the original Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star as well as in both Mediatonic remakes.

In addition to being available on the creator's website, it is available as part of the Hatoful Boyfriend Summer of Dove Collector's Edition or the Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star – Dove Actually Edition on Steam.

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"Barroom Ballet" is a short piano piece written and performed by Kevin MacLeod from the album Scoring - Silent Film: Bright. The adjectives MacLeod uses describe the feel of the song are "Bright" and "Humorous". These adjectives serve as categories that the song is sorted under.

Barroom Ballet Kevin MacLeod (
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