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August is the eighth month of the year. It's one of the months of the year with thirty-one days. St. Pigeonation's students have all of the month off from school.

In-Universe EventsEdit

  • 2168: Utsuro Ichijou transfers his entire inheritance to his relatives, and then disappears.
Date Year Universe Events
4 August 2183 All Experiments on Nageki Fujishiro start in order to test the lethality of the Charon Virus.
6 August 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko Tosaka invites one of the birds from school to visit the summer festival with her.
10 August 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Azami's route) Rabu spends most of the day in Torimi Cafe and gives Hiyoko some candy as a tip. Kenzaburou Urushihara tells Hiyoko that Rabu is a very careful and reliable chauffeur.
14 August 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Nageki's route) Hiyoko asks Nageki if he would write a book review for the library newspaper.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Shuu's route) Hiyoko runs into Shuu Iwamine, whose wing is covered in "mud". She wonders if she should ask him what he's doing.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Yuuya's route) Hiyoko finds Yuuya Sakazaki rummaging through the garbage bins in the park for "clues".
24 August 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Azami's route) Hiyoko's last day of work at Torimi Cafe. Azami sees Rabu, whom she had confessed her love to six months prior, at the cafe and angrily tells him that she no longer loves him. Hiyoko knows Azami hasn't forgotten Rabu, and wonders if she should bring up Azami's scooter or her martial arts.
26 August 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Azami's route) Should Hiyoko have mentioned Azami's martial arts two days prior, Hiyoko will find out that Azami sold her bike. The two are ambushed by punkgeons, but together they fight them off. The two then start an all-girls gang that never breaks any traffic laws.
29 August 2183 All Nageki burns himself and the underground research facility in order to destroy the Charon Virus.
30 August 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko accidentally goes to school two days early. She wonders if she should help Kazuaki Nanaki grade first-year exams, study in the library, or return to her abode.

Out-of-Universe EventsEdit

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